We all have stories to tell.

Our mobile devices are capturing our daily moment as images or voices and our inspiration as digital memos or posts on social sites.  Everyday we create stories and share with friends, even with strangers.

There are more than half a million apps in the app store, half of them are games and the other half are mostly consumption apps: reading news, checking weather, or entertaining yourself. But we are missing apps that support our casual ways to create things or collaborate our creations.

Paramyths is a mobile game that stimulates your creativity and facilitates momentary inspiration into a collaborative writing with friends to bring out the creative side of people in the world.



How it works?


Feeling serendipitous?

1.Read some of our featured stories by others. You may find witty, interesting, creative, intriguing and sometimes very opinionated people. Or you can follow stories on paramyths@twitter as well.

Feeling inspired and creative?

Create stories by starting Paramyths or adding to ongoing stories.  You will have interesting dialogues with people you are collaborating together.

Feeling comradely and collaborative?

Invite friends or have a Paramyths game with people around you.

If you are at the party with friends and their friends, Paramyths will be a fun game you can share with a group of people in a party, wedding, or conference. Create stories together and cherish the moments with meaningful stories.

We welcome any suggestion and are open to collaboration. Have a cool idea to share? Let us know at info@theMEMElab.com

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