Our Story

Welcome to THE MEME LAB.

We are constantly developing new knowledge about a wide variety of topics and emerging trends.

THE MEME LAB is a space where we show a piece of what we are working on, our ideas, and knowledge into real products or services.

Bringing ideas to life is our passion that excites us every day and night. Projects here are prototypes and concepts. They are not polished products but we are exploring and developing. Thus, these are not as shiny as you imagine. We place these projects here to share with people, because we believe the core ideas of projects here are cool and worth sharing.  We love your interest and conversation on our on-going & future projects and welcome collaboration of any form.

Let us hear your thoughts!

We welcome any suggestion and are open to collaboration. Have a cool idea to share? Let us know at info@theMEMElab.com

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