Cruising is a rational behavior for a driver seeking a free or cheap parking spot.  However, it creates many problems including pollution, congestion, noise, and, of course, wasted time.

•Drivers searching for curb parking, in a 15-block district in Los Angeles over a period of one year, drove an extra 950,000 miles and produced 730 tons of carbon dioxide in the process!

•Between 8% and 74% of traffic in congested downtown areas is caused by people cruising for parking

•Drivers spend between 3.5 to 14 minutes searching for a space each time they park.


eParking is a social network system that facilitates the interchange of information about curb parking spot information using GPS-based mobile devices such as the iPhone. The provider gets a financial incentive by releasing the information and guaranteeing a spot to a seeker safely and conveniently. Seekers save time and gas money to find a cheaper curb parking spots fast and easily.

Thus it is beneficial for seekers and providers.

How does it work?

Looking for a parking spot?

(Parking information buyer)

  1. 1.Search for street parking spaces at your destination with eParking.

  2. 2.Select one you like and connect to the information seller.

3. Confirm with the seller and agree to pay for the street parking information.

4. Get the parking spot and the seller’s information.

  1. 5.Safely park on the parking spot you just confirmed by swapping cars.

Oh, Don’t forget to feed the meter (if any)!

About to leave from your amazing parking spot?

(Parking information seller)

1. Broadcast your parking spot information (location and price) before you leave.

2. You will get notified if someone (buyer) wants to buy your parking information.

3. Agree to sell and wait for the buyer to arrive

4. Swap cars

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Don’t you sometimes fell like luck has more to do with parking than time put into finding a spot?

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